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3 posts from January 2006

January 29, 2006

African Cup Egyptian Goals

Watch the Game's goals right now! (click below)
هدف مصر الثانى (Egypt's 2nd goal)
هدف مصر الثالث (Egypt's 3rd goal)
هدف مصر الأول(Egypt's 1st goal)
هدف كوت ديفوار (IvoryCoast's 1st goal)

Redemption for Motaeb

January 16, 2006

JumpTV Begins Broadcasting Independent Iraqi Television Stations

Something interesting happened few days ago. Jump TV president, Kaleil Isaza went to Baghdad, Iraq to make a press release, along with Inam Abdul Majeed, production manager from Al Fayhaa TV announcing that we have exclusive rights to broadcast 5 independent Iraqi channels.

Here is a snippet of the release"

"  Five of the independent national broadcast television stations in Iraq have announced
an exclusive partnership with JumpTV (http://www.jumptv.com ), the world's
leading online television network.
    The stations carried by JumpTV include Al Baghdadia
(http://www.albaghdadia.com ), Al Fayhaa (http://www.alfayhaatv.net ),
Alsumaria (http://www.alsumaria.tv ) and Beladi TV, along with the previously
announced AldiyarSat (http://www.aldiyartv.net ), the only television station
in the world broadcasting gavel-to-gavel coverage of the trial of former Iraqi
dictator Saddam Hussein.  For a monthly subscription of between $9.95 and
$19.95, subscribers to JumpTV can watch any of the Iraqi stations, anytime,
via any Internet-enabled device.
    "Independent television channels sprung up quickly after the fall of
Saddam Hussein and the Baath party, responding directly to the thirst for
independent and credible sources of news and information," said Inam Abdul
Majeed, production manager, Al Fayhaa. "Not only do the people living in Iraq
want timely and accurate information, but the millions of Iraqis and Arabs
living outside the country crave access to Iraqi content as seen through the
eyes of their countrymen.  With JumpTV and a high-speed Internet connection,
those citizens now have entree to affordable, real-time TV from their home
country and region."
    JumpTV's global distribution network broadcasts live, high-quality
television signals from over 100 channels from nearly 50 countries via its Web
    "JumpTV is committed to broadcasting the best television content possible
and providing every expatriate around the world access to television from home
via the Internet. This bundle of stations gives viewers their choice of the
latest in political, cultural and entertainment programming from Iraq.  We
anticipate that anyone interested in Iraq will turn to JumpTV for access to
unfiltered information broadcast from the source," said Kaleil Isaza Tuzman,
president of JumpTV.
    "There are millions of people of Middle Eastern descent living around the
world who want to follow the trial of Saddam Hussein, the results of the
recent elections, and other local programming from independent Iraqi
channels," said Amir Hegazi, regional director of Middle East and North Africa
for JumpTV.  "This is the first country-specific channel-package we are
bringing to market, and we plan on rolling out many more country and regional
packages in the near future."

January 09, 2006

Aljisser Group

The first event I will be blogging about is “Feast for Falasteen", a fundraiser event that took place in Mamlouk restaurant, NYC in December 2005. I knew about event in early December from Maryam, my work colleague and good friend from JumpTV. It seemed like a great starting point to better knowing the Middle Eastern Community in NYC.  I then spoke with Samia A. Halaby , a very nice lady and a former professor at Yale University's School of Art, whose paintings have been collected by the Art Institute of Chicago, New York's Guggenheim Museum and the British Museum in London.

She explained to me that in an effort to raise funds for a bringing the art 024_22a_1 exhibit “Made in Palestine” in New York city next March. She and aljisser ( the bridge) , the Arab art and culture group,  are organizing several fund raising events, including this one.

Maryam and I went to the event and we really enjoyed our time. We got acquainted with several persons. Surprisingly not all of them have a Middle Eastern background. Actually they never visited the region before. The group was a blend of activists from Rutgers school of law, university professors, journalists, business men and college students.

The food was great, and we had lots of fun when the belly dancer came and the singers’ kept singing. Every body danced and enjoyed their time. I am posting some pics at Flickr. The next party ‘MIN LAYALI FALASTEEN’ on January 21st would be as good as this one. I will keep you posted.