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4 posts from July 2006

July 23, 2006

Online Media: A market with unlimited potentials

I had a nice dinner yesterday, with freinds.It was a nice multi-ethnic gathering, with freinds from Egypt, Turkey, India and Peru. We spoke about how easy it is to view online media to connect to our home countries. A freind of mine, Mahmoud, pointed out to a new website, www.sotwesoora.com . They provide a great list of egyptian movies, free to air TV and Radio stations. I watched "El Sefara fi Elemara" by Adel Eman, and the quality was pretty good.

July 16, 2006

JumpTV: The Israeli Channels in the Middle East.. Why they do not fit?

Abraham, is one of our blog visitors commented to us with the following:

"How can you be a legitimate news provider if you don't have Israel on your country menu. This is a clear statement of bias. When will the Arab world find it's way into the modern world? " in addition, he commented "There are more Arabs enjoying greater freedoms in Israel than in any surrounding Arab country in the Middle East . These Arabs have Israeli citizenship. Why don't you have a menu item and show them that they count. What makes you think that they want the brand of corrupt statehood that the PLO has delivered?"

Since Abrham raised those questions/ comments, I am sure that several readers have the same in their mind. We are grouping Israel with Europe, and classifying Palestine TV as a part of the Middle East based on our valued readers and subscribers demands.

The European region roadmap include adding channels from Israel in the future if feasible.

Regarding the question of "When will the Arab world find it's way into the modern world?"  I will leave that to our readers to comment on it if they think it is valid and/or appropriate...

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July 08, 2006


The day has come: The World Cup Final! Italy vs. France

This Sunday promises to be Bloody Sunday in Berlin with over 1 billion people watching! Bono would definitely approve! Whether you would rather follow the Pope as he visits Valencia, Spain or watch in anticipation as 2 astronauts test out a ramp arm during a Discovery spacewalk... there will be no contest!  Keep your eyes on the ball!  Or would you rather watch international correspondents on Aljazeera Channel as Palestinian Prime Hanlya appeals for calm?

July 06, 2006

JUMPTV: JumpTV online - JumpTV news - JumpTV overview

JumpTV news...
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