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4 posts from September 2006

September 09, 2006

From the MENA region to the world!

In a couple of weeks from today; the Islamic and Arab world will be celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. During this month, Muslims fast during the day as one of the main duties a Muslim must do as part of religion.

In the last 20 – 30 years, Ramadan has become the most important month in the year when it comes to show business. The rate of viewing jumps to a very significant level in comparison to the rest of the year.

Realizing this fact, all major production companies save their best series and shows to be distributed and shown during this month. Channels all over the regions celebrating this month would spend the whole year planning and preparing for this month, so we see them buying the rights to show some of the new productions and at the same time producing some entertainment shows on their own like contests and talk shows.

Most of the art productions shown during Ramadan come in 30 episodes or a little more to continue during Eid which is the holy religious celebration that comes right after Ramadan. It is common now that the most popular actors and actresses would prepare for one or two major performances to be shown in Ramadan.

Needless to say; Satellite Channels compete to get the rights to show some of these shows; some channels go to the extent of owning the production and distribution rights for some of these shows, and the viewer ends up with a large number of choices and varieties to keep him/her busy and entertained all through the month.

The good news is that the channels provided on Jump TV are from the top channels that pay special attention to Ramadan and they are already announcing their heavy and loaded schedule for this month, therefore; our dear viewers abroad can now live the atmosphere of Ramadan as if they were home. By subscribing to these channels through Jump TV, they will be able to practice the good old habits they used to back home. They can participate in the exciting contests featured during this month and they can even communicate with their folks while they are viewing the same shows at the same time.

So, hurry up and get your subscriptions; the clock is ticking and Ramadan is approaching us fast, so be prepared to have tons of fun this month with Jump TV and its channel partners!

September 06, 2006

Alsumaria TV loses 2 Journalists


Watching the brilliant programming on Alsumaria TV on JumpTV you wouldn't think about the 2 journalists that have gone missing in Iraq for the past 2 months. A lot has been written about those two misfortunes.

Let's just say that while the station continues to strive for the best Iraqi programming on TV, they often take great pride and go a long way in reporting the news about the Iraqi people.

The programming is exquisit and the station brand identity is by far superior to anything Iraqi that is on Television these days!

Please write back if you have any thoughts you would like to share regarding this matter.

To blog a bit more and sign the petition , please go on blogspirit to discuss further news about the missing young journalists - a subject that has proved to cut through very close to home for Iraqis everywhere...

Mark Cuban and why he's wrong


While I find you to be the consummate entrepreneur and enjoy your piece above, I think you might have missed a few points here. While I agree that there are at times high bandwidth costs associated with Internet TV and that ad sales might not make it a profitable business structure for some, there is more to online broadcasting than that specified revenue model you outline (MTVU and TOGA TV).

I am the General Manager for Sub Sahara Africa for JumpTV (www.jumptv.com) so I feel that perhaps you haven’t completely seen the entire universe of online broadcasting. JumpTV is the world's leading company for live online delivery of TV networks from broadcasters around the world. These TV networks are available worldwide to viewers with a simple Internet browser and Media Player.

We are continuously adding new TV networks to its selection of channels. Most of our channels are not available anywhere else in the world except for in their home country. So an Ethiopian student studying at Georgetown in D.C. can watch the news LIVE from Addis Ababa and stay in touch with what’s happening back home.

I invite you, and others reading this comment, to check us out at JumpTV.com. Maybe now the jealousy is creeping back? ::)

By: bm-east@jumptv.com

Dearborn Arab-American Festival


We are pleased to remind you once again that we will be at the world famous Dearborn Arab-American Festival this weekend with a strong showing to cover the street festival on Father's Day June 16th, 17th, and 18th. We are there in Booth #13 at the Artisan Tent on Schaefer Rd and Warren Avenues during the festival.

Stop By! Loving to meeting you....

12 blocks of Warren Avenue into the USA's largest 11th annual Arab International Festival. This celebration of cultures will feature performances, artisans, exhibitors, amusements, a petting zoo, children's activities, and ethnic cuisine representative of Metropolitan Detroit.

For at least five minutes, the festival will attempt to set a world dance circle record by joining the hands of 7000 festival-goers in a circle to dance the dabke on Saturday, June 17th.

Don’t miss! Watch Dearborn Arab-American Festival Online with JumpTV!