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50 posts from October 2007

October 31, 2007

Seeta Ibrahim in Shoot program Live on JumpTV


Football, basketball, tennis – all about these types of sports in Shoot program on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV!

Shoot program is a sports magazine show which is hosted by Seeta Ibrahim who will bring you the latest sports events LIVE!

By watching this sports program, you’ll feel like loosing some pounds so enjoy all your favorite sports events and reports!

Presented by: Haidar Rustom

Prepared by: Sports Department

Directed by: Sarab Ibrahim & Nabil Bechara

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Iraqi, international and Arab sports in Time Out


Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV presents Time Out sports magazine which is a mix of local and international sports.

If you are a devotee of some sports, you’ll always find something interesting for you in Time Out sports magazine because it covers as well the most important Iraqi, international and Arab sports events.

Time Out sports magazine highlights various latest tournaments and championships from football, tennis, basketball, motor sports to other major sporting codes.

Time Out sports magazine is hosted by a young and dynamic Iraqi face, Haydar Roustom.

Click here to watch Time Out on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV!

October 30, 2007

Aerobics with Sherine Live on JumpTV


Starring: Sherine

If you are looking to build stamina or muscular endurance, to improve your physical condition and co-ordination and to have absolute fun while doing it, then Aerobics program, broadcast on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV, is the best program for you!

Aerobics program is hosted by Sherine and her team who will help you to lose inches and to get extra fat off.

Aerobic exercise is perhaps the most important workout you'll do, exercising the heart, lungs and cardiovascular system.

Sherine will keep you moving and grooving with a fresh approach to cardio that trims and tones the whole body.

To watch Sherine , tune in to Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV!

Smash sports magazine on Alsumaria TV


Smash is a weekly sports magazine broadcast on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV which covers major sports events, both national and international.

Smash magazine is a combination of outspread information displayed in comprehensive reports highlighting mainstay sports events in the Arab world and on the international scale.

Smash magazine is dedicated to all kinds of sports fans whether interested in Arab sports developments or international breakthroughs.

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October 29, 2007

MegaMan series Live on Alsumaria TV


MegaMan, broadcast on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV, is an animated television series co-produced between Japan & America and is based loosely on the game series by the same name.

In the year 2oox humanity has entered a new age – the Network Age - due to the advancement of the Internet. While inventions brought great benefits to the lives of humans around the world, computer hacking, virus spreading, and other high-tech crimes are becoming a major problem.

MegaMan NT Warrior narrates the story of Lan Hikari (known in Japan as Netto Hikari) and his NetNavi as they build their friendship while dealing with Lan Hikari threats from various NetCrime organizations. Along with Lan are friends Maylu Sakurai, Dex Ogreon, Yai Ayano, Tory Froid, and their respective NetNavis: Roll, GutsMan, Glide, and IceMan. In doing so, they discover that the instigator of these mysterious crimes is an evil syndicate known as world three.

To watch MegaMan, tune in to Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV!

Enjoy Akher Ayam Assayfiyi comedy serial Online with JumpTV


Starring: Majed Yassin, Alaa Hussein, Saad Khalifa
Director: Ahmed Kamel

Akher Ayam Assayfiyi is one more serial which is offered for your attention by Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV.

Akher Ayam Assayfiyi is an Iraqi comedy series relating to the story of “Batta”, an ugly young girl who runs a butcher shop. She is craving for a husband but couldn’t find one.

Her cousin Abd, forced to be engaged to her, finds himself in a very awkward position triggering hilarious comedy scenes.

Unable to find work in Iraq, Abd, a polite and loving character, leaves the country looking for new opportunities but his bad luck keeps on stalking him wherever he goes.

To know what fate awaits Abd, tune in to Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV!

Al Ghaeb – A story of returning home Online with JumpTV


Written by: Saad Hidabi

Directed by: Rajaa Qazem

Al Ghaeb serial, broadcast on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV, narrates the story of Khaled who was raised by his father Majid in a foreign country. Throughout years Majib planted in his little boy’s heart the love of Iraq and the nostalgia to visit it. When Majid died, Khaled decided to return to his ancestors land.

However, after his arrival he gets in touch with the reality of living in Iraq and he understands that it looks nothing like what his father told him. Iraq is now an occupied country, ravaged by destruction and fear.

He tries to find relief in his family but once again he discovers that corruption is rooted in their minds and hearts.

After he fails in finding a solution Khaled begins to live an inner conflict. He can’t decide what he should do: whether he should stay or leave?

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Search for justice in Hadrat al Moutaham Abi series


Starring: Nur Sherif, Maali Zaed, Samir Sabri
Director: Rabab Hussain

“Hadrat al Moutaham Abi” is a series, broadcast on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV, which narrates the story of Abdul Hamid Daraz, an Arabic language teacher loved and cherished by all his students for being close and for helping them to overcome their troubles and problems.

Abdul Hamid has also raised a good family. However, once a bunch of guys attacked his son in a club, injuring him seriously.

Police opens an investigation and the parents of the accused boys try to exert pressures in order to hamper the investigation and to force Abdul Hamid to cede thru threatening him.

Abdul Hamid tried to refuse and to put up with all the pressure. He keeps on struggling for justice...

To know how the story proceeds, tune in to Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV !

October 26, 2007

Geography, history, science, and art in “Hal Taalam”


“Hal Taalam” program, broadcast on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV, is a unique televised encyclopedia which covers a wide range of intellectual topics.

Prominent figures, critical dates in the history of mankind, currents of philosophy or arts – one can get acquainted in “Hal Taalam” with all this and with many other issues.

“Hal Taalam” program is hosted by Baker Nateq who will accompany you in this wonderful journey inside the world of knowledge.

Geography, history, science, and art – you can discover the whole world thanks to one program!

Click here to watch “Hal Taalam” on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV!

October 25, 2007

Watch Romiana Khoury in Top Mazika Music Show


“Top Mazika” is a live entertainment music show, broadcast on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV which is hosted by deft and beautiful anchor Romiana Khoury.

“Top Mazika” features the most popular music videos, the latest tracks, albums, and show business news in the Arab world as well as the stars’ news, rumors, and projects, all in a funny and entertaining atmosphere tailored to a wide Arab audience.

“Top Mazika” also provides all its viewers with the opportunity to call Romiana to send greetings and request special songs dedicated to family and loved ones.

Click here to watch Top Mazika on Alsumaria TV Online with JumpTV!