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November 28, 2007

Alam Simsim children’s program Live on Future TV


Alam Simsim (meaning “Sesame World” in Arabic), broadcast Live on Future TV Online with JumpTV is an Arabic language adaptation of the format used in the children's television series Sesame Street. The show is set in the imaginary Alam Simsim (Sesame World) neighborhood.

Apart from Alam Simsim human characters such as Am Girgis (an owner of grocery store on the street with a passion for old trinkets, always full of advice for everyone), Abla Nabila (a librarian in the Alam Simsim library who helps the Alam Simsim Muppets to learn and teache them about different subjects), Am Hussein (a carpenter who owns a workshop on Alam Simsim), Khaireya (Am Hussein’s wife, a kind, motherly figure who likes to help everybody), Mona (Khaireya and Hussein’s daughter, a good friend of all the Alam Simsim Muppets) and Karim (Mona’s 10-year-old brother, also a good friend of all the Alam Simsim Muppets especially Khokha), there are also muppet characters in Alam Simsim.

Alam Simsim Muppet Characters: 

Khokha is a four-year-old Muppet with a passion for learning. She wants to know everything about everything! How it works? Why it works? Where it comes from? What’s it made from? She is a curious, creative and industrious girl who is resourceful and loves to come up with solutions to problems. Khokha loves to make things, almost as much as she likes to take things apart. Often she is at her pretend workshop creating, inventing or making up something that will surely get her friends to pitch in and have fun.


Nimnim is a charming character who sometimes seems enchanted. He is a very young Muppet, but wise for his age. Although he is big, almost 2 meters tall, he is sweet natured, gentle and patient. To him, everything is fresh and amazing, especially everything in nature. He reacts deeply and with genuine emotion to all new experiences. He loves to share his love and enthusiasm for life and nature with his many friends.

Filfil is “Mr. Know-it-all,” an ageless Muppet who has all the answers even though he may not know what the questions are. Although he is very intelligent, his enthusiasm and eagerness to help may sometimes cloud his judgement and cause him to create a mess of any given situation. His overriding characteristic is that he genuinely wants to help you — and he truly believes he knows exactly what you need and where you can get it— and he’ll even take you there! He’s got a ready-made solution for every problem and he’s got advice to offer whether you need it or not.

Alam Simsim’s promotes and encourages girls’ education and empowerment, basic literacy, environmental awareness, health and hygiene, critical thinking skills, respect and understanding of others.

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