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46 posts from November 2007

November 30, 2007

All about politics in Al Istihkak talk-show


Future TV Online with JumpTV presents to all its viewers one of its best programs - Al Istihkak.

Al Istihkak program is a two hour political talk-show in which the current political issues are discussed.

Al Istihkak is hosted by Ali Hamada, a prominent journalist at Al-Nahar Newspaper who discusses and analyzes the latest events and interviews prominent politicians.

The most controversial political topics, a deep analysis, a fair presentation of various opinions – you’ll find all this in Al Istihkak talk show, broadcast Live on Future TV Online with JumpTV!

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At last, Beauty Clinic is broadcast on the Arabian TV! Future TV has become the first Pan Arab television to broadcast this reality television show in the Middle East region.

Beauty Clinic chooses women in distress, in pain and in medical and psychological needs and tries to help them by conducting surgical operations and psychological support to help them overcome their problems.

The best medicians (more than 20) form a working group which works with the patients. Besides, dermatologists, dieticians, beauty experts and hair stylists are actively involved in Beauty Clinic.

Joy, frustration, surprise, support from the patients, family members, doctors and friends and many other emotions – the show participants are given a chance to change their lives and they do change it drastically!

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November 29, 2007

Telemajaleh – Education and Entertainment Live on JumpTV


Telemajaleh Show, broadcast on Future TV Online with JumpTV , is a weekly youth-oriented variety show which is presented by a group of kids at the age of 10-14 years old.

Telemajaleh Show focuses mainly on the children of the same age group, featuring which discuss educational and entertainment topics that are of particular interest for children.

The covered topics cover children’s movies, music and books, arts. Morever Telemajaleh Show provides an excellent opportunity to study the country, learning more about its culture and traditions.

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Zaven Kouyoumdjian in Ana Ala’an Online with JumpTV


In the year 2006, Zaven Kouyoumdjian, a well known Lebanese talk show host, widely known for his Sire Wenfatahit show (one of the most popular talk shows in the Arab world), launched a new series, called Ana Ala’an (Me Now).

In Ana Ala’an, broadcast Live on Future TV Online with JumpTV, there are no directors, no cameramen, no scripts. Just you and your camera. Zaven gives away cameras to his viewers all over the Middle East to film their personal stories from their life their way.

Ana Ala’an is a great chance for the Arab youth to express their thoughts and feelings on TV using their personal camera!

Become a part of the changing Arab television! Take a part in Ana Ala’an, broadcast Live on Future TV Online with JumpTV!

November 28, 2007

The best educational program for children - Sin Jim Live on JumpTV


Sin Jim (Sin Jeem) is a children- and teen-oriented informative program which is broadcast on Future TV Online with JumpTV. 2 main characters - Samer and Sally (brother and sister) find out scientific explanations for the situations they or their friends encounter.

There are also two other characters:

Jim (Jeem): Astronaut is stuck in a website in the computer. This character provides scientific hints and explanations to the kids. It also conducts experiments, provides info about books, websites, captions, footage and video clips, in order to help the kids to understand the subject of the quest in this episode.

Inspector Fashkoul: Funny, clumsy, lively, pretends to know all, gives hints without noticing, in permanent touch with the kids.


The issues, discussed by the kids and their friends, cover water pollution, sources of heat, healthy eating and many others.

What can we do when we feel cold?

Why do we shiver and look blue when we are cold?

Which colors do absorb heat faster?

What are the bad consequences of water pollution?

What are the bad consequences of dumping the sea?

If you want to find the answer to these questions, tune in to Sin Jim, broadcast on Future TV Online with JumpTV just now!

Alam Simsim children’s program Live on Future TV


Alam Simsim (meaning “Sesame World” in Arabic), broadcast Live on Future TV Online with JumpTV is an Arabic language adaptation of the format used in the children's television series Sesame Street. The show is set in the imaginary Alam Simsim (Sesame World) neighborhood.

Apart from Alam Simsim human characters such as Am Girgis (an owner of grocery store on the street with a passion for old trinkets, always full of advice for everyone), Abla Nabila (a librarian in the Alam Simsim library who helps the Alam Simsim Muppets to learn and teache them about different subjects), Am Hussein (a carpenter who owns a workshop on Alam Simsim), Khaireya (Am Hussein’s wife, a kind, motherly figure who likes to help everybody), Mona (Khaireya and Hussein’s daughter, a good friend of all the Alam Simsim Muppets) and Karim (Mona’s 10-year-old brother, also a good friend of all the Alam Simsim Muppets especially Khokha), there are also muppet characters in Alam Simsim.

Alam Simsim Muppet Characters: 

Khokha is a four-year-old Muppet with a passion for learning. She wants to know everything about everything! How it works? Why it works? Where it comes from? What’s it made from? She is a curious, creative and industrious girl who is resourceful and loves to come up with solutions to problems. Khokha loves to make things, almost as much as she likes to take things apart. Often she is at her pretend workshop creating, inventing or making up something that will surely get her friends to pitch in and have fun.


Nimnim is a charming character who sometimes seems enchanted. He is a very young Muppet, but wise for his age. Although he is big, almost 2 meters tall, he is sweet natured, gentle and patient. To him, everything is fresh and amazing, especially everything in nature. He reacts deeply and with genuine emotion to all new experiences. He loves to share his love and enthusiasm for life and nature with his many friends.

Filfil is “Mr. Know-it-all,” an ageless Muppet who has all the answers even though he may not know what the questions are. Although he is very intelligent, his enthusiasm and eagerness to help may sometimes cloud his judgement and cause him to create a mess of any given situation. His overriding characteristic is that he genuinely wants to help you — and he truly believes he knows exactly what you need and where you can get it— and he’ll even take you there! He’s got a ready-made solution for every problem and he’s got advice to offer whether you need it or not.

Alam Simsim’s promotes and encourages girls’ education and empowerment, basic literacy, environmental awareness, health and hygiene, critical thinking skills, respect and understanding of others.

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November 27, 2007

Adel Karam in Abou Riad on Future TV


Abou Riad is one of the most popular and the most viewed programs of Future TV which is hosted by talented Adel Karam who can easily make the audience ill with laughing.

In Abou Riad, Adel Karam comes out as an old fellow, who criticizes everything and everyone around him, but it’s funny because he can get away with it! He really changes the way we see things and sheds a new light on them!

About Adel Karam

Adel Karam, a person with an excellent sense of humor and spontaneity on camera, is one of the most recognized actors on Lebanese and Pan Arab Television. He began working with Naim Halawi in S.L.CHI in 1994 and upon Director Nasser Fakih’s request, moved to Future TV in 1998. Two years ago he starred in an independent comedy hit show Moughamarat Abou Riad which broke all audience records.

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Ricardo Karam in Waraa Al Wojoh Online with JumpTV


Waraa Al Wojoh (Behind Faces) is a fifty-minute face to face talk show with leading Pan Arab and worldwide figures, launched on Future TV in 2002 and still enjoying high popularity among the viewers. Waraa Al Wojoh is hosted by Ricardo Karam who combines here his talents as a producer and a host.


Ricardo Karam unveils the unique world of each of his guests, looking for secrets of success, failures, colors of dreams, tastes of regrets, explanations of today and plans for tomorrow, digging into their very personal depth and meandering through their precious moments.

Such worldwide prominent personalities as HH The Dalai Lama, Paolo Coelho, Giorgio Armani, Andre Agassi, Philip Stark have been the stars of Waraa Al Wojoh.

And Waraa Al Wojoh keeps on bringing you exclusive and unexpected interviews: for the holiday season, you can watch from Milan the international Lebanese born architect and designer, William Sawaya, on December 2nd, the Kuwaiti tycoon of Telecom Saad Barrak on December 9th.

You can also listen to the Palestinian Ibrahim Dabdoub narrating his story on December 16th and to the legendary Dalida on December 23rd.

To end up the year on December 30th, the multinational fortune teller Yaguel Didier will share with you her predictions for 2008.

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Political and social sketches in La Yumal


La Yumal (or "La Youmal"), meaning “Not Boring”, is a popular comedy show with political and social sketches which is broadcast on Future TV from Lebanon.

La Yumal show includes an all-star Lebanese cast (Adel Karam, Abbas Chahine, Naim Halawi and Roula Chamiyeh), bringing to the Arabic audience a new wave of comedy shows - daring, funny and adventurous.

In La Yumal show, broadcast Future TV , you can follow the adventures of certain and familiar characters created by the 4-member team who reflect what the general public is thinking, or how they see things, using humor and satire and highlighting social, political and diplomatic difficulties.

About La Yumal cast:

Naim Halawi, one of Lebanon’s most versatile and prolific writers and performers, joined the team of La Youmal on Future TV in 2003 and continues to be an integral part of the group. One of the most memorable characters played in the show is singer Fawzi Bou Lawzi.


Abbas Chahine is the main voice in all Future TV songs, including the hit Laayounak. Abbas is well-known for imitating the political figures in La Youmal.

Adel Karam is one of the most well-known stars on Lebanese and Pan Arab Television. Adel is famous for his stage roles as the handsome Lebanese male.

Roula Chamieh is a dedicated and talented actress and a famous Lebanese comedian. In 1994 she was starring in S.L.CHI and then joined the cast of La Youmal in 2003. Besides, Roula Chamieh hosted many live shows on TV including Telob Wetmana, Layali Ramadan and El-Khazna on Murr Television and Future TV .

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November 26, 2007

Zaven Kouyoumdjian in Sire Wenfatahit Live on Future TV


Sire Wenfatahit, broadcast on Future TV Online with JumpTV , is the highest rated talk show in the Middle East. Sire Wenfatahit program is hosted by Zaven Kouyoumdjian who was rated a second-best talk show host in the Middle East, in a survey by Zahret El Khalij magazine, in 2003.

A year later, he was rated in the same magazine as best talk-show host and best talk show in the region and by Newsweek in 2005 - as one of the 42 most influential personalities in the Arab world.

Various people from different backgrounds are invited to the Sire Wenfatahit talk show every week, where they share their personal experiences and innermost feelings, and raise the issues, which many of the society are still reluctant to acknowledge.

Show topics include transsexuality, AIDS, children trade, cosmetic surgery, rape, globalization, and individuality - all issues that are considered unmentionable in traditional Arab society.

About Zaven Kouyoumdjian:


Zaven was born in Beirut on May 15, 1970 to Ardashes and Souad Kouyoumdjian. He received his primary and secondary education at the Armenian Evangelical College in Beirut. In 1992, he joined Télé Liban as a reporter and late-night news anchor. Soon afterwards, he became Télé Liban’s news correspondent at the Presidential Palace in Baabda.

He started his first weekly talk show, “5\7” in 1995, and his investigative journalism made him a household name in Lebanon. “5/7” became Télé Liban’s longest running talk show in the 1990’s and scored the highest rating for a single talk show episode in 1996 however the Syrian-controlled government banned his show from airing on Télé Liban in 1998 after an episode on poverty and unemployment.

Seven months later, Zaven moved to Future Television and started his new show, “Siré Wenfatahit,” which quickly became one of the most popular talk shows in the Arab world.

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