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November 26, 2007

Chatting, horoscopes and interactive games on Escape Music Channel


Escape Music Channel was created to show the world the beauty and talent of some of the Middle East’s greatest musicians and singers. Escape Music Channel is one of the leading chatting tv channels, offering daily horoscopes, interactive games, and online chatting! US subscribers can now watch this channel free!

People meet each other on a regular basis and discuss different topics moderated by Escape TV’s team.

Private Chat
Escape Music Channel presents a unique and interesting chat form called “Private Chat”. This kind of chat offers the viewer privacy to send his sms directly to another viewer’s phone without appearing on the TV.

Daily horoscope
You want to know your luck for today? Just send your horoscope, and receive your daily love, work and health horoscope on your mobile.


Love & Compatibility
Worried about your relation, and you want to know if you match with your mate? With love and compatibility analysis you can get an accurate percentage of your compatibility!

Interactive games
Many games are offered on Escape Music Channel involving people from all over the Arabic region and connecting the viewers of all these countries to each others. You can win fabulous gifts and have fun at the same time!

Video Clips
In addition to all the fun Escape Music Channel provides, it broadcasts the newest Arabic songs known in the Middle East. Also, you can ask for your favorite song and it will be plaid right away for you!

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Entertainment Television Live on JumpTV

Entertainment_tv_3 Entertainment_tv_2_2

JumpTV proudly presents the most popular television shows live on Entertainment TV.

Entertainment Television (ETV) combines interactive Arabic video clips and content such as contests, concerts and interviews to create a multitude of entertainment enjoyment for those who enjoy the diverse musical styles from all 23 Arab countries!

    US subscribers can now watch Entertainment TV free!

    Tune in now to JumpTV for the best in entertainment news, and entertainment events!

    Arab Woman Channel – About Women for Women


    Arab Woman Channel is the first channel dedicated to the issues that face Arab women.

    Tune in to Arab Woman Channel during the day, and you’ll find shows on fashion, cooking and home decoration.

    Arab Woman Channel is broadcast to an estimated daily audience of 15 million women, from denizens of remote villages in Egypt to Prada-clothed fashionistas in Beirut.

    Popular programs:


    Min Yom La Yom
    Everyday @ 7:00 GMT. Min Yom La Yom examines news related to women from around the globe.


    Stars ou Bas
    Every Monday @ 11:00 GMT JumpTV proudly presents the most popular television shows live on Arab Woman Channel. Tune in now for the best in stars and entertainment news.


    Look Jdeed
    Every Friday @ 9:00 GMT.
    JumpTV proudly presents the most popular television shows live on Arab Woman Channel. Tune in now for the best in fashion news.


    Al Makshouf
    Every Thursday @ 11:00 GMT.
    One of a number of shows devoted to political and social issues, from domestic violence to workplace discrimination to sex before marriage.


    Every Friday @ 11:00 GMT.
    A beauty gift from Lebanon to the world.

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    November 23, 2007

    anb (Arabic News Broadcast) Live on JumpTV


    anb (Arabic News Broadcast) is an Arabic news channel covering international political developments and current affairs.

    Informative and independent of any political party or regime, anb broadcasts from London and owns studios in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt and the United States.

    anb’s programming is entirely in Arabic, apart from some programs in English.

    anb always strives to offer its viewers a distinctive and objective source of information.

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    All about Astrology Live on Al Qamar TV


    Al Qamar TV is a free to air 24 hour satellite channel broadcasting on ArabSat.

    Al Qamar TV is mainly dedicated to astrology. It encompasses the main psychics in the region, giving the viewers the possibility to consult their favorite psychic and to get their daily astrological predictions to their mobile phones.

    Personalities such as Joumana Kobeissi, Carmen Chammas and more are featured on Al Qamar TV . Since the Arab world is very fund of astrology, Al Qamar TV has an arabesque image and look.

    The most popular programs:


    An around the clock interactive service that allows you to discover what the stars have in store for you with world renowned astrologist Joumana Kobeissi.


    An interactive service that allows you to find out how compatible you are with your partner and the kind of love that joins you together.


    Tafseer Al A7lam
    An interactive service that provides you with the meanings of given names as well as illustrating and explaining dreams that you may have.


    An interactive service that allows you to communicate with other viewers through SMS where your messages appear on a scroll bar on the screen.

    The best Arabian TV packages Live on JumpTV

    JumpTV, a world leader in the delivery of international television over the Internet, is glad to offer to its viewers the best Arabian TV packages which include the most demanded channels of Middle Eastern and North African region.

    Choose below to watch the best Arabian TV channels Live on JumpTV:

    Ahlam Hend El Khashab Package


    Ahlam Hind Al Khashab – “Hend”, the famous attorney represents the contemporary Egyptian woman and her positive role in society. She has been the wife of the law college dean. Her only daughter, ahlam, from another husband, insists on studying law, following in her mother’s footsteps.

    All-Star Arab Package (Non US & Canada)


    The top Arabic TV channels are now available on the internet in one great package. Watch Aljazeera, AlArabiya, MBC1, LBC and Dubai TV as part of your subscription to the All-Star Arab Package!

    All-Star Arab Package (Worldwide)


    Top-of-the-line, news, entertainment, music and sports programs from the leading channels in the region: Aljazeera, MBC1, AlArabiya, Al Rai TV , & Entertainment TV are all here on JumpTV in All-Star Arab Package!

    Arabian Gulf Package


    Enjoy the top Arabic channels and your favorite shows from the Gulf region only on JumpTV! Watch your favorite Gulf channels such as Al Rai TV , Abu Dhabi Channel, Sama Dubai, Infinity TV, Bahrain Sports, Abu Dhabi Sport Channel and more in one great package!

    ATM Al Tareeq Al Wa Er Package


    In a time where ideologies have changed especially religious ones, where terrorist operation is the face of Islam which forbids any kind of violence, blood shedding and killing, a group of people claiming to be Muslims, who have interpreted Quran and Sunnah as they wish, is formed allowing killing of innocents. Get all 30 episodes for just 1 great price!

    ATM Du'at Ala Abwab Juhannam Package


    Despite that a long time has passed since the Afghani militancy it seems that it is still affecting our lives, where the ex-Arab young warriors are still influenced by this experience. The story is based on three basic issues where from the outside appearance Obaid who lives in Saudi Arabia seems to be living a normal stable social Life however it turns out that he is leading a group of fundamentalist aiming to launch terrorist attacks in Jordan. Get all 30 episodes for just 1 great price!

    Elleil We Akhroh (A Night’s End) Package


    This series stresses the principle of Justice through Rohayyem, the self-made upper Egyptian businessman. All through his life, he has been managing his father’s business and after his death, he has borne the responsibility of raising-up his brothers and sisters. In his forties, Rohayyem falls in love with the beautiful singer Hassanat but his relationship is totally rejected by his brothers and sisters. As a result, they threaten Hassanat to leave the town. Knowing what they have done, Rohayyem decides to punish them severely by refusing to give them their shares in their father’s inheritance.

    Farsi Package


    Subscribe to the Farsi Package and enjoy the best of Persian entertainment. IPN TV, Melli TV, Tamasha TV and Iranian Cinema Channel all in one great package!

    Hekayat Zoug Mouaser Package


    These comic separate episodes criticize the negative facets in our modern life and their effects on our traditions, values and attitude. “Mahmoud”, the modern husband is the central character who, in each episode, acts a different style. “Samia” is the multi-faced wife who performs various types of typical Egyptian and Arab Women.

    Iraqi Package


    Iraqi Package: 7 Channels from Iraq! JumpTV presents Al Baghdadia, Aldiyar TV , Fayhaa TV, Alsumaria TV , Ashur TV , Baghdad TV and Beladi TV if you subscribe to the Iraqi package. These 7 channels provide information on Iraqi news, politics, culture, trends and lifestlye. This package of channels is sure to keep you updated on the day to day events in Iraq.

    Lebanese Package (Non North America)


    Subscribe now to the Lebanese Package and enjoy the top 8 Lebanese channels for 1 great price: LBC, Future TV , New TV, NBN , anb , Arab Woman Channel and Mlive !

    MBC Group Package


    The MBC Group Packageoffers subscribers a unique blend of entertainment, news and music. You can enjoy top Arabic entertainment programs that include series, movies, game shows and more on MBC1 , watch the latest news from the all over the world on Al Arabiya and catch up on the latest music releases from the Arab world on MBC FM and Panorama FM . Don’t miss out, subscribe today and see why the MBC Group Package is one of the most popular offers from Jump TV!

    Middle East News Package


    Watch the latest developments from the Middle East in this extensive news package featuring the regions top news channels. Subscribe now to the Middle East news package and enjoy unlimited viewing and coverage of the latest news developments. The Middle East news package includes the regions top news channels: Aljazeera , Aljazeera English , Alarabiya , anb and Al Alam News all in one great package!

    Pan Arab Package (Non USA)


    Watch the largest selection of Arabic channels available on the Internet anywhere! All in one package - top-of-the-line, news, entertainment, music and sports programs from some of the leading channels in the region, including Aljazeera , MBC , Alarabiya , Alrai TV , Entertainment Television , Sama Dubai and many more!

    Pan Arab Package (Worldwide)


    Top-of-the-line, news, entertainment, music and sports programs from some of the leading channels in the region, including Aljazeera , MBC , Alarabiya , Alrai TV , Entertainment Television , Sama Dubai and many more. All here on JumpTV’s Pan Arab Package! Subscribe now and start enjoying this great Arabic content!

    Rotana Package (Europe Only)

    Rotana Package (Non Europe and US)


    Subscribe now to Rotana Package (Europe Only) and Rotana Package (Non Europe and US) to enjoy the highest quality music and movie channels! Rotana Mousica, Rotana Tarab , Rotana Zaman, Rotana Cinema , Rotana Clip and Rotana Khaleejiyah all in one great package!

    November 21, 2007

    Hot national and international news on Al Alam News Channel


    Since its launch in 2004, Al Alam News Channel, broadcast Live Online with JumpTV, has achieved a prominent stature amongst Arabic speaking news channels, capturing the attention of a large number of Arabic speaking ex-patriots by addressing important and current issues of the region with its emphasis on talk shows and debate programs.

    Al Alam News Channel aims to promote positive outlooks for Muslims all over the world.

    Al Alam News Channel aims to build bridges tying the west and the Islamic World with various news angles that let the viewer decide where to take a stand.

    Al Alam News Channel avoids adopting biased political and outdated world views by presenting fair and balanced programs such as Iraq Today, After the Event, The Sixth Empire, Special Meeting, From Tehran and The Political Briefcase.

    Al Rai TV and its best programs Live on JumpTV


    Al Rai TV is firmly committed to the creation and distribution of the highest quality news and entertainment programs to the people of Kuwait and the region.

    As the name indicates, Al Rai TV shall be the real people’s TV and shall work in close partnership with viewers of all sectors of society to independently address and reflect their genuine issues within the context of our values and culture.

    Al Rai TV is an innovative way of doing TV news and entertainment.

    Al Rai TV was proudly launched on 14th November 2004 with a view to creating a channel for the entire Arab family, especially for the needs of the Kuwaiti family, a station that is modern, savvy and highly open to the world around it, while maintaining its traditions, values and integrity.

    Al Rai TV , first and foremost, delivers quality News and family entertainment programs to its local Kuwaiti citizens, as well as over 50 million Arabic speaking potential viewers in the Gulf, Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the world.

    The most popular programs:



    Stylek is a female program, hosted by Hilda Abi Younes which covers all today’s women’s needs in terms of fashion, health, beauty and style.
    Stylek often hosts guests that specialize in certain fields, such as nutrition and health care.


    Ara’ Sakhena

    Ara’ Sakhena is presented by Anas Al Majaly who highlights the hottest subjects covered in the local, GCC and worldwide press. The topic can be political, entertainment or any other subject that has taken the press by storm.

    Anas Al Majaly invites guests from the midst of the press industry to discuss the topic at hand, digging deep and far to highlight and discover areas not mentioned in any other media.


    Al Muraqeb

    This political program, presented by Mohammad Al Mowafi, covers the latest and up-to-the-minute political, economical and social issues relevant in our daily lives which are discussed between the presenter and two guests with various point of views about the given debate.
    The program includes various graphical representation in addition to a “what if?” section, that tries to answer several assumptions revolving around a certain scenario…
    ‘What if’ the USA uses a military attack on Syria, what would happen?’
    ‘What if’ Iran develops its nuclear arsenal, what would it do?’


    Arabic Series

    Al Rai TV is proud to offer handpicked Arabic Series to it's' viewers which include a variety of drama, suspense and comedy series of the highest production quality.
    The aim of Al Rai TV is to all viewers' needs and therefore it acquires the 'crème de la crème ' of the Gulf, Egyptian and Syrian series!

    Click here to watch Al Rai TV Online with JumpTV!

    November 19, 2007

    Raicom Shabab Live on Al Rai TV


    Al Rai TV is glad to present to all its viewers Raicom Shabab program which is the best youth program available on any Arab TV today. Raicom Shabab show covers internet games, fashion tips, quizzes, hobbies to nutrition, technology and sports and many other themes that are of interest for the young people of different age groups.

    Raicom Shabab is presented in a light and entertaining manner, correcting the misconception and wrong image of the Arab youth portrayed by various channels.

    To watch Raicom Shabab Live on Al Rai TV, tune in to JumpTV!

    The best Arabian singers in ‘Nagham’ show


    ‘Nagham’, broadcast on Al Rai TV Online with JumpTV, is an artistic musical talk show style program that hosts the biggest names in Arab star singers.

    ‘Nagham’ is one of AlRai’s top ‘hits’ with Haifa Wehbe, Assi El Helani, Nabil Shuail, Hisham Abbas, Khalid Ajaj, Youri Murakkadi and many others alike appearing as guests of the show and singing their most popular songs.

    Click here to watch ‘Nagham’ on Al Rai TV Online with JumpTV!

    Click here to know more about ‘Nagham’