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November 27, 2007

Ricardo Karam in Waraa Al Wojoh Online with JumpTV


Waraa Al Wojoh (Behind Faces) is a fifty-minute face to face talk show with leading Pan Arab and worldwide figures, launched on Future TV in 2002 and still enjoying high popularity among the viewers. Waraa Al Wojoh is hosted by Ricardo Karam who combines here his talents as a producer and a host.


Ricardo Karam unveils the unique world of each of his guests, looking for secrets of success, failures, colors of dreams, tastes of regrets, explanations of today and plans for tomorrow, digging into their very personal depth and meandering through their precious moments.

Such worldwide prominent personalities as HH The Dalai Lama, Paolo Coelho, Giorgio Armani, Andre Agassi, Philip Stark have been the stars of Waraa Al Wojoh.

And Waraa Al Wojoh keeps on bringing you exclusive and unexpected interviews: for the holiday season, you can watch from Milan the international Lebanese born architect and designer, William Sawaya, on December 2nd, the Kuwaiti tycoon of Telecom Saad Barrak on December 9th.

You can also listen to the Palestinian Ibrahim Dabdoub narrating his story on December 16th and to the legendary Dalida on December 23rd.

To end up the year on December 30th, the multinational fortune teller Yaguel Didier will share with you her predictions for 2008.

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Hi Ricardo,
My name is Samia ,35 years. I wont pretend that i watch every episode of your show,but whenever i do i really find it very interesting and rich.
The last one was that of "KING FAROUK".Oh ! that was a real good work, you managed to interview the princess in Swizerland in a sophisticated way.A part of The king's life was revealed that wasnt known for decades.Our history for a reason or another kept those secrets and facts hidden in a closet for many many years.
It was the first time i guess that the singer (IRMA) comes out to speak out about her relationship with The King and how honestly she spoke about that man she loved ,her respect to his religion,family and country ! how she emphasized on the fact that he never was a drunk man who spent most of his times in bars and nightclubs !!
You know Ricardo ,that series starring Taim Hassan last Ramadan,caused a lot of controversy in Egypt, it changed the twisted facts we have in our minds about our lovely King.
Your program brought the tears to my eyes,the tragic facts we learnt about the Royal Family and how the lives of its members ended up was sad.very sad i believe.
I liked how the Princess winded up her interview with you,saying that what left of all the luxury of monarchy life is that she learnt how to be humble and know how to respect other people. OH !! WHAT A DECENT WISDOM she came up with remembering all that history !! what ethics that royalty could teach us in a time when all the administrations and governments around us are fake,weak and not transparent.
The King wasn't the best in the world ,he had his flaws and he was so young,but he was not the worst either as they figured him for years in media and history books and brain washed our minds.

Thank you Ricardo for that coverage.You had me stuck and (glued) to my seat to finish the program at the time i was following the Olympic Games like an addict !

I must say that i am a big fan of Lebanon to the extent that one of my wishes that i posted in facebook is to have a small house at the mountain of Lebanon :-) I visited it 4 times , the last time was on Christmas & New year's Eve.I always follow its news and wish that lovely country an everlasting prosperity and peace.

Sorry for taking so much of your time,but again i would like to thank you and all the people working on that program for that dose of bias facts and classy presentation.
You have a charismatic ( talla ) that adds up to the success of your show..so keep up the good work and best of luck !

Best Regards,

Samia Singer

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