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29 posts from December 2007

December 28, 2007

Amr Diab & Elissa's New Year's Eve 2008 Concert


Rotana and JumpTV in exclusive Partnership present Pay Per View Event of the year featuring Grammy winner Amr Diab Live from Dubai, UAE. WATCH Amr Diab & Elissa 2008 New Year’s Eve concert LIVE!Monday December 31st! 6PM UTC/1PM EST

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December 22, 2007

Al Resalah Live from Saudi Arabia

Al_resalah Al Resalah channel, broadcast Live from Saudi Arabia, is an Islamic channel with moderate approaches which aims to meet all the interests and preferences of the family members through a non-typical style to distinguish the new TV with exclusivity and diversity.

Al Resalah’s primary focus is to produce a number of new and distinguished programs that meet all the interests on the Arab and Islamic communities.

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December 21, 2007

Life in Morocco in Tahqiq program


2M TV Online with JumpTV is glad to present to all its viewers one of its best programs – Tahqiq program.

Reduction of water resources in Morocco, ways of water delivery to the consumers, water contamination – all these vital issues are discussed in Tahqiq program in one of its editions.

Real estate market in Morocco (high prices, low offer as compared to the demand), outflow of qualified specialist from Morocco (thousands of Moroccans leave Morocco, searching for higher wages and for better living standards), hooliganism at stadia and during horseracing … these themes are only few out of the many others, covered in Tahqiq program.

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Grand Angle on 2M TV Online with JumpTV


2M broadcasts a wide variety of programs, including news, dramas and talk shows, offering entertaintment for the viewers of different age groups.

Grand Angle program, broadcast Live on 2M TV Online with JumpTV, enjoys a high level of popularity, covering the issues of current interest in Morocco.

Illegal immigration is a scourge of our century, especially immigration of the young generation. Illegal immigration of young Moroccans is covered in one of the regular editions of Grand Angle program.

Grand Angle program offers to its viewers an overview of the activity of security services (what is especially of interest in view of the recent explosions), a look at the young people in politics and many other themes.

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Islamic songs Live on Al Majd TV - Shada Channel


Al Majd TV which includes a number of channels is unique among most of the world channels, producing or reproducing 90% of its TV subject matters what makes it different from all the Arab channels.

Shada Channel, part of Al Majd Group, is a channel totally devoted to Islamic songs (Anasheed).

Click here to watch Islamic song festivals and such popular programs as Samme'na Sawtak, Anasheeduna, Jalsah and many others on Shada Channel, Online with JumpTV!

December 19, 2007

Al Fajr TV from Saudi Arabia


Al Fajr TV is the channel focusing on the reading of the Qur’an and its related interpretations and sciences. The channel also presents the religious instructions of the holy book in the manner which makes them accessible to the ordinary Muslim, utilizing attractive presentations and graphics.

Al Fajr TV’s popular shows include the animated series “The Rulings of the Qur’an”, targeting kids, in addition to special Islamic documentaries which enrich the viewers’ general knowledge of Islam.

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December 18, 2007

Palestine TV Online with JumpTV


The Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation is a public institution that is a vital part of the national movement for independence and peace in Palestine.

It was established in 1994 as a result of Decision Number 4506 of President Yasir Arafat on July 6, 1993 with financial support from the European Union, France, Germany and other donors.

The legitimacy of PBC was further affirmed in the Declaration of Principles signed by the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Israeli government on September 13th 1993 after several rounds of negotiation in Taba, Cairo and Paris.

These principles emphasize the vital role in building stability and a comprehensive and lasting peace.

History has put the peace between Palestinians and Israelis back into question after the results came out during the turbulent last week of January 2006 as common Palestinians cheered the Islamist group Hamas’ parliamentary win in Palestinian legislative elections.

Follow the LIVE news from the Palestinian homeland as the people struggle to define their new identity and overcome crisis after elections that shocked the world!

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“Mais encore” program Live on 2M TV


One of the most popular programs about famous and outstanding Morrocans is “Mais encore” program.

“Mais encore” program, broadcast Live on 2M TV Online with JumpTV, is a unique chance to know more about such people as for example Mahi Binebine (a famous Morrocan painter and novellist), Driss El Yazami (a political refugee), Louis Caprioli (one of the active participants of the anti-terrorist movement), Mohamed El Gahs (politician) and about many others.

“Mais encore” program is hosted by famous journalist Hamid Barrada.

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The most urgent social problems in Mokhtafoun program


Obviously, wars represent evil: they do destroy people’s lives, sowing horror and death. Wars end however they continue to affect people: refugees, orphans, widows – they are all war victims. It’s impossible to remain unaffected even if you were an ordinary soldier, obeying the orders of your commanders.

Mokhtafoun program, broadcast on 2M TV Online with JumpTV, covers different social issues and painful problems such as for example lives of the soldiers – the war victims who participated in the French Indochina war and then disappeared or became social vulnerable.

Mental and physical disorders, death in poverty abroad, relatives still searching for their fathers and brothers who disappeared during the war, pain and helplessness – it’s just a small quantity of what is discussed in Mokhtafoun program.

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December 17, 2007

JumpTV’s top show - Moubacharatan Maakoum


Among the hit show of 2M TV, Moubacharatan Maakoum is one of the most highly rated ones.

Moubacharatan Maakoum covers various political, social & cultural issues, touching upon the most controversial issues such as for example homosexual marriages.

What are the limits of an individual’s personal freedom?

What is the role of mass media and state in the contemporary society?

Lively debates, unexpected themes, touching upon the current situation in Morocco and the Arab world on the whole – watch all this in Moubacharatan Maakoum Live on 2M TV Online with JumpTV!