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January 15, 2008

Abu Dhabi Channel from Abu Dhabi Live on JumpTV


Abu Dhabi Channel is a modern, progressive Pan Arab channel, and is considered one of the top five generic channels in the Arab world, and offers programming from politics and social cultural shows, to entertainment,talk shows, and dramas.

Abu Dhabi Channel is directed towards the worldwide Arabic public, and now can be watched free by our US subscribers!

Abu Dhabi Channel can also be watched as part of the Arabian Gulf Package along with Abu Dhabi Sports, Emirates Channel, Al Rai and many more.

Abu Dhabi Channel is considered to be the first extension of the UAE Television from Abu Dhabi which began its transmission, in black and white, in August 1969 and in color in December 4, 1974.

On January 30, 2000, it was launched under its present name and in its current format and directed for Arab public in every part of the world.

To watch Abu Dhabi Channel Online with JumpTV, click HERE!


is it possible to repeat the series of MAGADEEF ELAMAL - starring Hayfaa and Majid Mutrib Mazin?
please advise when will this happen so i follow up the channel.
your quick reply will be highly regarded

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