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January 31, 2008

Famous Nashwa Al Ruwaini in Nashwa talk show


One of the most popular programs of Dubai TV, broadcast Live with JumpTV, is Nashwa program. Nashwa program is a fascinating talk show, broadcast weekly on Dubai TV. This is the place where such themes are discussed as women, religion and society in the Arab World - collectively, genuinely and open-heartedly.

Nashwa talk show is hosted by Nashwa Al Ruwaini, Media Personality, CEO of Production Company Pyramedia and Executive Director of the Middle East International Film Festival. Nashwa erases the borders of what can be discussed and what cannot as she is sure that any burning issue should be openly raised in the Arab world. Music and performance breaks, interviews with invited writers, journalists and artists add diversity to every show.

About Nashwa Al Ruwaini:


Starting from 1988, Nashwa has presented, edited and supervised more than 35 successful shows on several Arabic Satellite Channels, for example Qatar TV and MBC.

During all these years she has been given the Best TV Presenter Award nine times by various media, like Al Riyada Wa Al Shabab Magazine and Middle East Newspaper.

Nashwa was also granted the Best Contest Show Award for her “Wipe Out” show and the best Recorded Movie Award for “Okht Al Qamar” movie in 2002.

Now Nashwa is CEO of Production Company Pyramedia and Executive Director of the Middle East International Film Festival.

Besides, Nashwa has established Nashwa Foundation, a charity aimed to help disadvantaged women and children.

In 2008, Nashwa Al Ruwaini has been nominated for the award of Emirates Woman of the year for culture by Emirates Woman Magazine. Nashwa, one of four nominees in this category is up against Nadine Kanso the Lebanese born jewelry designer, Sunny Rahbar the Dubai based Curator and Maisa Al Qassimi the UAE media artist and photographer.

Clicke HERE to watch Nashwa talk show Live on JumpTV!

Qalam Rusas Live on JumpTV


Qalam Rusas, broadcast Live on Dubai TV Online with JumpTV, is a current affairs show which represents an extention to the program "Rais Tahrir" which was displayed in the Egyptian television. Popular and highly demanded Qalam Rusas program is hosted by Hamdi Qandil, Egypt's most popular and controversial TV commentator.

Hamdi Qandil thrives on being the voice of the public covering political and business related issues of urgent character Online with Dubai TV and JumpTV.

About Hamdi Qandil

Hamdi Qandil is a popular media star, political commentator, a veteran Egyptian TV anchor who is known for his interviews with such persons as for example Libyan Leader al-Qadhafi, who once called for a boycott of US goods in an episode of his weekly political talk show "Rais Tahrir" and who is also known for criticising the Egyptian and other Arab governments.

A vivid personality of Hamdi Qandil guarantees an interesting and breathtaking coverage of everything that happens in the modern world and relates to the Arab countries by means of Qalam Rusas and Dubai TV. By the way, Hamdi Qandil was awarded with the prestigious Media Accomplishment Award in London in the year 2006.

Join the audience of Dubai TV Online with JumpTV to obtain the most updated news and to share or disagree with Hamdi Qandil’s opinion!

January 29, 2008

The most popular programs of Dubai TV


Among the most popular programs of Dubai TV, broadcast Live Online with JumpTV, the below ones have been especially preferred by the viewers.

Ghashamsham 2

Slapstick comedy at its regional finest. In the first series the ‘hero’ was away from home experiencing the world, now back in his village, where little has changed other than himself.


Hosted by Nashwa Al Roweini. Nashwa is a variety show that handles social and human related topics that our Arabic communities are facing in this time and day along with the tragedies and pains that people have to go through.

Qadiyat Rai Aam

The international star Yousra, who never fails to capture the hearts of her audiences, plays the role of a well respected pediatrician, known for her dedication and integrity in her work.

Al Masrawiya

This production, starring Hisham Sleem, Ghada Adel and Samiha Ayoub, tells a story of the village Bsheen in 1910. Al Masrawiya chronicles the triangular relationship between Fathulla Al Tahhan with his mother and his beautiful wife Nouray.

To watch Dubai TV Online with JumpTV, click HERE!

January 28, 2008

Dubai TV – The best channel for the whole family


Dubai TV is a Pan Arab channel under the bouquet of Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI). It replaced Emirates Dubai Television in June 2004.

Dubai TV broadcasts programs predominantly in Arabic. The programming caters to the family segment of the Arab audience. A majority of its programming is produced locally in Dubai Media City (DMC).

Dubai TV is a part of a 4 channel network owned by DMI that includes Dubai Sports TV and Sama Dubai.

Prime Time (the evening time slot) comprises of popular shows hosted by a number of ambitious and varied programming like Nashwa, Najim Al Khaleej that is well known in the Arab World, Vitamin, Asraruha, Ma’a Usamma Atyab, the popular cooking show and Kalam Rasas, the weekly and popular political press and talk show hosted by Hamdi Kandeel.

To watch Dubai TV Online with JumpTV, click HERE!

January 25, 2008

Tiyarat program Live on 2 M TV


Tiyarat program, broadcast Live on 2 M TV Online with JumpTV, is a platform where representatives of different political parties and movements can share their views and tell more about their policies.

In its editions, such guests are invited for discussion as for example Mohamed Sajid, Driss Yazami, Salaheddine Mezouar, Mohamed Lachgar, Hassan Abderrahim and many others.

Issues of economic development, Moroccan expatriate communities and their relations with Moroccan governmental bodies, implementation of socially oriented policy, Middle East peace process – all these issues are covered in Tiyarat program, hosted by Abdessamad Benchrif.

To watch 2 M TV Online with JumpTV, click HERE!

Arabic and international sports Live on Dubai Sports Channel


Dubai Sports Channel, broadcast Live Online with JumpTV, is a specialized Arabic sports TV channel covering Arabic and international sports events and news. Its most popular programs include:

Studio 2000

Every Wednesday @ 13:00 GMT JumpTV proudly presents the most popular television shows live on Dubai Sports Channel. Tune in now for the best in sports news and sports events.


Every Tuesday @ 19:30. A 90 minute show focusing on the everyday sports fan to be the main guest of the show.

Al Dawry Al Arabi

The Arab League - Every Sunday @ 19:00 GMT JumpTV proudly presents the most popular television shows live on Dubai Sports Channel. Tune in now for the best in sports news and sports events.

To watch Dubai Sports Channel Online with JumpTV, click HERE!

Life in Morocco in Rihanate Moujtamae Live on 2M TV


Rihanate Moujtamae is one of the most popular programs, broadcast on 2 M TV Online with JumpTV.

Its every edition covers the most relevant topics of the everyday life of ordinary Moroccans such as for example violence against women (family violence in particular), domestic tourism and many others.

For the year 2007, more than 10 000 petitions have been filed pertaining to the events of violence against women. The reality is even worse however women are afraid to talk of the violence from which they’ve suffered.

The state initiative is to open special centers in Morocco for the women suffering from violence where they can be given legal advice and assistance and where they can be simply listened to.

Development of the domestic tourism is one of the objectives of the Moroccan government. Demand and offer in the sphere of domestic touristic services, construction of new facilties and many other issues are discussed in one of the issues of Rihanate Moujtamae program.

To be aware of the current situation in Morocco, to watch Rihanate Moujtamae and other interesting programs on 2 M TV Online with JumpTV, click HERE!

January 24, 2008

All about sports Live on Dubai Sports Channel


JumpTV is glad to present to all its viewers Dubai Sports Channel which can be watched Live over the Internet!

Dubai Sports Channel’s programs cover all sports and individual competitions that were neglected by the media so far. It concentrates on Local and Gulf events, and provides a balanced coverage of the sports events in each Arab country, without neglecting the international sports.

Dubai Sports Channel also owns the rights for such international sports events like Dubai World Cup (Horse Racing), Dubai Open (Tennis) and the Speedboat Racing World Championship, in addition to the Emirates Football League.

To watch Dubai Sports Channel Online with JumpTV, click HERE!

Idaat socio-political talk-show Live on Al Arabiya TV


Al Arabiya TV Online with JumpTV offers its viewers in-depth programs and news reports covering different areas of interest.

Idaat program is one of its programs, especially popular among the viewers.

Idaat program is a socio-political talk-show with the GCC as its point of focus which is hosted by Turki Al Dakheel.

Idaat program, which lasts for 60 minutes, hosts prominent figures from the Arab region, mainly the GCC, and discusses hot topics of public interest.

Click HERE to watch Idaat program Live on Al Arabiya TV Online with JumpTV!

Politics, finance and religion in Muhimma Khaasa program


Muhimma Khaasa is an investigative program which lasts for 30 minutes and which is broadcast Live on Al Arabiya TV Online with JumpTV.

Muhimma Khaasa seeks to reveal the truth about puzzling topics and the viewers are invited to participate in the investigative process step-by-step.

In its editions, Muhimma Khaasa program addresses such issues like politics, finance and religion.

The atmosphere of secrecy and suspence contributes greatly to the program’s intensity and its popularity.

Click HERE to watch Muhimma Khaasa and other popular programs Live on Al Arabiya TV Online with JumpTV!