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January 31, 2008

Qalam Rusas Live on JumpTV


Qalam Rusas, broadcast Live on Dubai TV Online with JumpTV, is a current affairs show which represents an extention to the program "Rais Tahrir" which was displayed in the Egyptian television. Popular and highly demanded Qalam Rusas program is hosted by Hamdi Qandil, Egypt's most popular and controversial TV commentator.

Hamdi Qandil thrives on being the voice of the public covering political and business related issues of urgent character Online with Dubai TV and JumpTV.

About Hamdi Qandil

Hamdi Qandil is a popular media star, political commentator, a veteran Egyptian TV anchor who is known for his interviews with such persons as for example Libyan Leader al-Qadhafi, who once called for a boycott of US goods in an episode of his weekly political talk show "Rais Tahrir" and who is also known for criticising the Egyptian and other Arab governments.

A vivid personality of Hamdi Qandil guarantees an interesting and breathtaking coverage of everything that happens in the modern world and relates to the Arab countries by means of Qalam Rusas and Dubai TV. By the way, Hamdi Qandil was awarded with the prestigious Media Accomplishment Award in London in the year 2006.

Join the audience of Dubai TV Online with JumpTV to obtain the most updated news and to share or disagree with Hamdi Qandil’s opinion!


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