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8 posts from February 2008

February 04, 2008

The best programs of Infinity TV


Among the best programs, broadcast Live on Infinity TV Online with JumpTV, the following ones have enjoyed the highest level of popularity among the viewers:

Musica Wa Bas

This program showcases the latest video clips with telephone call dedications from the viewers and via SMS messages.

The best song of each episode is the one with the highest number of dedications.

Mona Mode

Whether you are a fashion connoisseur or an average consumer curious about latest trends in clothing and beauty products, Mona Mode will no doubt satisfy your interests regarding modern day fashion and beauty.

Street Smart

A first of its kind reality show that brings 16 contestants from all around the Arab world and challenges them to perform tasks of diverse nature. The contestants are divided into two teams and each team has to perform a weekly task.

Dama'a Wa Ibtisama

Toni Khalifa will be interviewing the honored guest after they watch their life report, trying to get under their skin, taking out the entire deep feelings they felt during the report.

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Infinity TV Live Online with JumpTV


Launched through a magnificent grand opening in Dubai in October 2004, Infinity TV offers entertaining and educational programs that will appeal to members of the whole family.

Infinity TV broadcasts movies, musicals, sitcoms, documentaries, children’s shows, sport programs and much more! US subscribers can now enjoy this family-oriented channel free!

Infinity TV seeks to stretch beyond borders and bring the viewers all around the world a rich bouquet of appealing programs and shows!

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Sawalef Al Duha, Yes'ed Masakum Live on Hawas TV


Don’t miss! Watch the best programs of Hawas TV Live on JumpTV:

Fann Fann

A live program hosted by Rasha that hosts different artists and celebrities. Catch Fann Fann every Monday night at 7pm GMT.

Sawalef Al Duha

A live variety program covering news, sports and entertainment presented by Ismail Al Shebany from Saturday to Wednesday at 8 am GMT.

Yes'ed Masakum

A live variety program covering musical topics, musical segments and dedications, presented by Muhra Abdullah every Saturday to Thursday at 4pm GMT.


A daily segment featuring various army marching bands starting at 10am GMT.

Traditional and regional Arabic music Live on Hawas TV


Hawas TV, broadcast Live Online with JumpTV, is a 24/7 channel now free to our US subscribers, offering both traditional folk Arabic songs as well as regional music.

Apart from traditional folk and regional Arabic songs, Hawas TV offers to its viewers such fun and interactive features as sms, horoscopes, chatting and matchmaking.

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The best programs of the Emirates Channel


The Emirates Channel provides programming targeted to people of different age and social groups, from political and socio-cultural shows to entertainment and children’s shows. Its most popular programs include:


A talk show with celebrities from many different fields that concentrates on their personal albums and explores hidden sides in their personal lives.

Yom Fi Hayaty - A Day In My Life

The program covers a day of average people and casts the light in their careers and its impact on her or his life.

Emirates in a Week

Weekly program covers the events and activities that occurred by governmental and non-governmental associations all over UAE.


Women program covers the last news of fashion for local, GCC and Arab women.

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Emirates Channel from United Arab Emirates


The Emirates Channel is the second extension of UAE Television from Abu Dhabi, targeting UAE viewers specially and Gulf and Arab viewers.

The Emirates Channel proudly reflects the official culture of the UAE, through its programming focused on its people, values, identity and interests.

The Emirates Channel provides programming targeted to all of society, through political and socio-cultural shows, to entertainment and children’s shows.

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February 01, 2008

Diala Makki in “Studio 24” on Dubai TV


One of the most popular and catching shows of Dubai TV's is “Studio 24” show, broadcast Live Online with JumpTV.

“Studio 24” program is celeb and entertainment show which is hosted by famous Diala Makki.

Diala Makki is a glam face of Dubai TV. With her model look and a breezy on-air charisma, she has seen ratings for her show rise across the region ever since she started working for Dubai TV.

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Punam Verma in Out & About Live on Dubai TV


One of the most popular programs which appeared not long ago on Dubai TV, is Out & About program. Out & About program, broadcast Live on Dubai TV Online with JumpTV is a lifestyle (travel and entertainment) show.

Out & About is broadcast weekly all over the Middle East and it covers the most entertaining activities and hotspots in and around Dubai.

Out & About show is presented by famous Punam Verma. In this show, you will see Punam trying everything from Deep Sea diving, Wakeboarding, Driving Formula 1 race cars, to dining at unusual restaurants!

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