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2 posts from August 2008

August 29, 2008

MBC is now available on Talfazat - Live and On-Denamd


MBC will be available on Talfazat during the Holy month of Ramadan. Talfazat will bring you MBC and Al Arabiya channels Live in the Live TV package and in the Super TV Package. Talfazat will also bring MBC's top Ramdan programs and series On-demandin the On-demand TV Package.

Here are some that will be airing during Ramadan on MBC and will be available on Talfazat:

- Aoyoun Alia and Finjan Al Dam "عيون عليا و فنجان الدم"

- Beini Wa Beinak "بيني و بيناك"

- Abu Jafar Al Mansour "ابو جعفر المصور"

- Bab Al Hara 3 "مسلسل باب الحارة"

- Ba'ed Al Forak "بعد القراق"

- Thil Al Yasmeen "ظل الياسمين"

Watch all those programs and more on Talfazat....Enjoy! 

August 26, 2008

Talfazat - Arabic Online TV, Live and On-Demand


JumpTV and Neulion announced the launch of a new online service – www.talfazat.com - that delivers the largest selection of live and on-demand Arabic television content available anywhere. Talfazat.com offers Arabs worldwide an opportunity to tune into their favorite live television channels or on-demand programs with a simple Internet connection.

Talfazat.com features more than 35 of the most popular channels and over thousands of hours of video-on-demand from leading Arabic content providers including Dubai TV, LBC, Aljazeera News, Aljazeera English, Rotana, Future TV, New TV, 2M and many others.

Through Talfazat.com, Arab viewers have access to the best and most up to date news, entertainment, top Ramadan shows and series, movies, music-clips and more.

Talfazat.com is a subscription-based service that provides streaming of content to computers and laptops affording users one central place to access leading Arabic-language entertainment. The website displays a customized user experience, easy navigation, superior video quality and a comprehensive selection of popular content from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

This online video network has been launched in conjunction with Ramadan, a holy month in the Islamic calendar. Talfazat offers over 800 hours of the most popular Ramadan shows and series.


Talfazat comes to the marketplace through the technology and core capabilities of JumpTV and NeuLion. The web streaming powerhouses have collectively launched the most complete online television experience with the ability to best serve Arab market interests. Content can be viewed anywhere, anytime without the need for satellite or cable installation.

Talfazat has exclusive IPTV rights to stream television programming to viewers globally and many of the channels are not offered anywhere else. In the coming months, Talfazat plans to launch a set-top-box that will allow viewers to watch live and on-demand content on the television in addition to the computer. Talfazat will be a multi-platform Arabic service.

Visit Tlafazat.com . . .