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September 04, 2008

Bab Al Hara 2 and Bab Al Hara 3 available on Talfazat

Watch Bab El Hara live and on-demand through Talfazat.com!

Are you an avid viewer of Bab El Hara?
If you are, I’m sure you’ll share my excitement in finding out that Bab El Hara 2 and 3 will be shown here on Talfazat.com during Ramadan (in fact, Talfazat is the only place where you can watch Bab El Hara both live on MBC and on-demand anywhere!).

It’s almost evident why this show has appealed so much to its male fan base, no matter what their demographic. There is perhaps some sort of yearning to see a return of such a society, with such social mechanisms in place; or maybe its more of a lament for the old days. In fact, a lot of Jordanian men venture out to Syria where they feel girls are still brought up to be “real women” and “good wives”.

Whether you missed all of last season’s episodes or just a few, or simply like to re-watch a specific episode or scene, or just listen to the opening song… you can also now watch as part of Talfazat’s on-demand offering.

According to one Bab El Hara viewer “I was afraid I’m gonna miss the last episodes of Bab El Hara today, so I looked for them on the Internet and got them, this morning I spent 2 hours watching the last 2 episodes… and believe me they were just amazing !!”

Bab Al Hara is produced by Bassam Al Mula. 

Main Characters on Bab El Hara:

Abu Isam - Abas al-Noury (the hakim/doctor the story is based around him)

Abu Shehab - Samer al-Masry (the strongman of the neighbourhood)

Abu Ghalib (Balila seller, from nearby rival neighbourhood)

Isam (eldest son of Abu Isam)

Lutfia Leelya al-Atrash (wife of Isam)

Mo'tez-Wael Sharaf (son of Abu Isam)

Umm Zaki (unmarried woman of neighborhood; gives advice to other women)

Firyal (widow and troublemaker)

Suad - Sabah al-Jazaery (wife of Abu Isam)

Jamila -Taj Haidar (daughter of Abu Isam)

Dalal - Anahed Fead (daughter of Abu Isam)

Al-Za'im (leader of neighbourhood until assassinated)

Ida'shari Bassam Kousa(Poor, bitter man and troublemaker. He turns his life around somewhat by the end of his life)

Staif ("blind" beggar and assassin of al-Za'im and spy)

Don’t miss out this Ramadan on Bab El Hara, season 3 is finally here on Talfazat.com…Enjoy!

If you’re not, it’s never too late to enjoy this great series.

For those of you who are not familiar with this series, "Bab" of course means gate or door in English, and El Hara means neighbourhood or district). The title of this series episodes refer to the main gate of a neighbourhood in old Damascus, Syria, and the events surrounding the life of the inhabitants of that neighbourhood with each other and towards others from nearby neighbourhoods, with all the twists, surprises and thrills you’d expect from an epic Arabic series and more!


Bab el hara has been a huge hit in the last two seasons. It is  breathtaking to see the wide band of people who watched the Syrian drama set in the 1930’s. It found a fan base in the young and old, as well as the men and women. The feedback received about this series is that people were attracted mostly to the way ‘things were done’ in those days. In other words, the men were men and the women were women. The men were the masculine types who stood up for things like honour, family, religion and community, while striving to be good fathers and husbands. This was their place in society. Meanwhile, the women also knew their place in society. They spent their lives being obedient good wives who took care of their husbands, even when they approached what would today be deemed an abusive state.



i love bab alhara guys are so ooooo buff i love ageed abu shab

if any 1 is out there and is reading this u would agre that bab el hara is the best but the sadest without the best character not in the series abu shab

bye my name is fatima.e-chagraoui

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