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August 21, 2009

Ramadan Moubarak - رمضان مبارك


رمضان كريم !

أشهر البرامج خلال شهر رمضان

تواصل مع عائلتك و اصدقائك خلال شهر رمضان المبارك و شاهد برامجك و مسلسلاتك المفضلة مباشرة و عند الطلب

35 قناة عربية مباشرة مع إمكانية الرجوع 24 ساعة للوراء

3,500 ساعة من اشهر البرامج و المسلسلات العربية عند الطلب

لا حاجة لستلايت دش

فقط بـ 29.99$ شهري

إشترك الآن بعرضنا لشهر رمضان و احصل على ...

مجاناً! شهر إشتراك بتلفزات

مجاناً! اجار جهاز تلفزات*


Ramadan Kareem!

Talfazat TV

Bringing You Home for Ramadan

Connect with your Friends and family during Ramadan and watch all your favorite Arabic programs Live and On-Demand!

·         25 LIVE Arabic TV Channels with 24-hour time-shifting

·         3,500 Hours of Top On Demand Arabic Shows & Series

·         NO Satellite Dish Required

·         Only $29.99 a month!

Sign up NOW for the Ramadan Promotion and get…

·         FREE! 1 Month service*
·         FREE! Talfazat TV box rental*


Ramadan Kareem and thanks for the grate offer,

Is the Talfazat TV box will be shipped to UK or it just used in USA and Canada ?


The Talfazat TV Box works everywhere in the world with highspeed internet connection.

For UK orders, please call +1 (516) 622-8390 and ask them to ship one for you.(we are still working on having a fully international shipping functionality)

Or If you know someone in the US or Canada, you can order one to them and ask them to ship it to you.

when, I choose Best quality; I get bitrate
mbc, aljazeera and Dubai --> 950 kbps
others, max --> 450 kbps
If I get the TV box will this increase?

Also, you said;
"Simply use the Program Guide to go back 24 hours and watch any program you might have missed and start watching immediately."
Is this for all channels in the package or just some of them.?

thanks for your help.

how can i get one in australia

how about australia

To answer you questions:
The channels' quality is way better with the Talfazat TV box.

24 hours Time Shifting is available for all Arabic channels on Talfazat TV box.

for Box orders outside US and Canada, please call: +1 516 622 8390.

Thanks for your interest in Talfazat and wish you all a Ramadan Moubarak

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