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July 29, 2011

Muslim wa Aftakhir on Iqraa channel...مسلم وأفتخر

Muslim wa Aftakhir (Muslim & Proud)

مسلم وأفتخر

Presented by:

Mr. Muhammad Al Qaydi

The young preacher – Dr. Muhammad Al Qaydi – presents his program “Muslim and Proud” in a practical, easily-understood manner.

Al-Qaydi has visited different parts of the continent of Asia, observing people of different sects. He doesn’t discuss their beliefs and perceptions; rather he takes pictures of their strange rituals and ways of worship.

In the “Muslim and Proud” we see how doctors, engineers and educated people prostrate to stones that have no power to harm or benefit the worshippers. He shows us how people sanctify the cows, seeking blessing by using its urine and droppings, and how people burn bodies (covered with spice).

شاهد قنوات أى ار تي و إقرأ على تلفزات اى ار تي في كندا


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